• DOCVALE & BANANA – TK 3rd and 4th rope - NAKA STYLE - 3 March 2023

    Evening Shibari WORKSHOP

    TK 3rd and 4th rope - NAKA STYLE

    Understanding all the subtleties and nuances of TK is a goal that will accompany you throughout your rope journey. In Naka style we like to add to our TK 3rd or even 4th ropes. They can have several interests:

    - Technical : to make the TK stronger and suitable for certain type of bondages or transitions. - Communication : Extra ropes are often appropriate to communicate and add constraint. - Aesthetic : They change what the TK looks like and charge the bondage.

    - During this course we will deepen our knowledge of the requirements of this harness and also of the 3rd and 4th ropes. - We will learn several ways to build 3rd and 4th ropes and try to improvise following given instructions.

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  • SADIST workshop - RopuNawa & Freya 13 Dec 2022 (19-23h)

    Unique workshop with Ropunawa


    • From 19 to 23 h at Corneum in Lennik

    Required :

    • The rigger: must be able to make a Tk well and a safe upline.
    • The model: must have experience in suspensions.
    • Level: intermediate
    • 8 ropes
    • Both model and rigger must be comfortable in sadistic shibari, exhibited and touched

    A minimum of 6 couples must register for the workshop to take place. Registration is non-refundable unless it is cancelled or we find another couple to replace you. (5% transfer expenses are non-refundable)

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    2-DAY Shibari WORKSHOP 

    "Naka style: Heritage" is the 1st part in a series of workshops dedicated to Naka ryu.

    Akira Naka (born in 1969) , is today one of the most famous kinbakushi in the world. "He became aware of the world of Japanese bondage at the age of 30, when he discovered a study course (commonly called 'Kinbiken') of the great master Chimuo Nureki. From the first moment he observed the bondage master at work, he found himself drawn deeper and deeper into the fascinating sensuality until he had an epiphany - "This is what I want to dedicate my life to." (Naka Akira's official website)

    His style became known in the West in 2013. Naka Akira then began traveling to perform and teach around the globe. Naka Ryu has become one of the most popular styles in the world. Many riggers are inspired by his work.

    Topics :

    The first opus of this workshop will focus on understanding the roots of Naka Akira's style. What were his own influences? What are the technical and aesthetic particularities of his style? During these two days, we will try to stick as close as possible to what Naka Akira does in order to understand the issues.

    I would like to give you the best of what I have learned from watching him tie, discussing with him and let you glimpse the personality of this man and his ropes. We will talk about his freestyle way of looking at kinbaku and his philosophy and will study iconic ties and shapes.

    Pre-requisites :

    Riggers must know how to tie a propre TK (any style) and be comfortable tying in suspension. Models must be used for suspension.

    Material :

    A minimum of 12 jute ropes, ideally 6mm in diameter and +/- 7-8 meters in length will be required.


    Tickets are non-refundable. However, we might be able to find someone else who is interested in your ticket.

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