SENSUAL SHIBARI CONNECTION  – 2 Day workshop – 2/3 March 2024

(Read several experiences of sensuals sessions based on the Yukimura an Karada-ki style from Franckstunn.)

  • Learn the essentials for connection, sensuality and erotic rope
  • Rope is not about the suspensions, the divergence patterns, the complexity of ropes but about the exchange, the emphases, the connection and the energy exchange.
  • Rig and communicate with feeling, emotion and with your heart
  • This is a truly unique workshop where you can greatly improve your connection and interplay.
  • We learn to understand our model and respond to its needs.
  • We work with intentional actions that have a very strong effect on the model.
  • We build an intimate atmosphere to make the session more intense.
  • We give you all the necessary techniques to, in a manner of speaking, hypnotise your model with your rope, body, voice, actions and so much more.
  • Floor work
  • Suspension points
  • Semi suspension
  • Play and flow



  • You must be able to make a good and safe TK
  • You must have experience with suspensions
  • You must have good communication and rope
  • You must have good rope handling


  • Good communication with the rigger
  • You have experience with suspensions
  • Please wear easy-fitting clothes.

What to bring

  • 8 to 10 jute ropes of about 8 m. If you do not have these you can purchase them on site. Please indicate this in advance.
  • A large towel or mat to rig on. (e.g. 2 x 1 m or better still something bigger).
  • Your energy

Teacher Franck and Inaya


  • Franck has been very active in shibari for more than 7 years.
  • He has been teaching intensive shibari classes at different levels for more than 4 years.
  • He attended international workshops of the following styles; Yukimura Ryu, Ropunawa, Naka, Seme nawa, Ren Yagami, Nicolas Yoroi, Kinbaku, Semenawa and many more styles
  • He specialises in sensual, erotic as well as dominant and sadistic shibari styles.
  • Connection, communication, energy exchange are most important to him.


  • For several years, Inaya has been a very active shibari model who has a lot of experience in different styles of shibari; Yukimura, sensual shibari, Karada Ki, semenawa and other styles.
    She helps both models and riggers with a lot of feedback during the workshop.
    She passes on what she experiences and feels and how best to sustain herself in some ties.

Date & Venue

  • 2/3 March 2024
  • From 13 to 19h
  • Lennik (Just next to Brussels)
  • Free parking next to the Corneum Dojo
  • Floor heating & Airconditioning
  • Water, tea, coffee and fruit are free of charge


  • Tickets are non-refundable (unless cancelled due to too few participants). However, we can find someone else interested in your ticket.
  • Alcohol, drugs or narcotics are strictly prohibited.

A real experience of a sensual session

The silence, the calm you exuded and my impatient waiting increased the tension before even a rope was used. Slowly, silently, you come closer, even closer and you touch me softly. A shiver passes through me. Another short pause. You sat behind me and your arms slid around my shoulders, took my hands and we melted together intimately. I experience an intimate greeting, an acquaintance without words but with depth and emotion. I feel your energy, I feel the exchange, it is very pleasant.
Little touches, rope sliding, feeling your breath is close to me. I feel everything so intense, so pure and so overwhelming.

I let go, I surrender completely to you, to your ropes and to your intentional actions.
As if floating, you tie me down, I feel my body gliding to the side and you bring me deeper and deeper into ecstasy. Part erotic part sensual and very sweet.

The rest is hard to describe, soft and harder touches, unexpected shaming that is both a little humiliating and very arousing. Everything comes together as I am carried by rope and emotions.

Never before have I been allowed to experience anything so deep, so intense, so soothing but also full of opposite stimuli that provided everything even more.

Thank you Frank for this wonderful session.