CORNEUM “The Sense of Rope”

Shibari in Belgium

Learn and live the unique experience of Shibari in our academy. Come to our venue and enjoy shibari jams where you can tie with your partner.

  • Corneum brings shibari lovers, both beginners and advanced , together to guide and educate them in a friendly and safe environment.

  • There is enough space to rig quietly and undisturbed and the atmosphere is relaxed. Suitable for the absolute beginner, the advanced rigger or just to come and have a look.

  • There is floor heating and air conditioning, a kitchenette, toilets, shower and a living room where you can quietly drink and talk. Free parking in front of the door.

What is shibari, Semenawa or Kinbaku

  • Kinbaku (緊縛) means “tight binding”, while Kinbaku-bi (緊縛美) literally means “the beauty of tight binding”. Kinbaku is a Japanese style of bondage or BDSM which involves tying a person up using simple yet visually intricate patterns, usually with several pieces of thin rope (often jute or hemp and generally around 6 mm in diameter, but sometimes as smaller, and between 7–8 m long.
  • Shibari and Kinbaku focuses on the aesthetics and display of the body. As a result, and due to the manipulation of body parts using rope to achieve this it is common, though not always required, for models or participants to be fully naked and the art form regularly incorporates aspects of BDSM such as erotic humiliation. It may be used for restraint as well as solely being a visual.
  • The word shibari came into common use in the West at some point in the 1990s to describe the bondage art Kinbaku. Shibari (縛り) is a Japanese word that broadly means “binding” or “tying” in most contexts, but is used in BDSM to refer to this style of decorative bondage.
  • Kinbaku is based on fairly specific rope patterns, many of them derived from Hojojutsu ties though significantly modified to make them safer for bondage use. Many Hojojutsu ties were deliberately designed to cause harm to a prisoner and are therefore not suitable for erotic bondage. Of particular importance are the Ushiro Takatekote (a type of box tie which surrounds the chest and arms), which forms the basis of many Kinbaku ties, and the Ebi-tie, or “Shrimp”, which was originally designed as a torture tie and codified as part of the Edo period torture techniques.
  • Today the ebi-tie is used as part of BDSM play and can be considered a form of Semenawa, rope torture.

What is sensual shibari

  • Sensual shibari is a way of connecting, communicating and emoting. It is a reasonably simple technique of knotting but it requires the right intentions of the rigger to communicate with the model.
  • Both the rigger and the model should be able to communicate well through actions, expressions, sound, movements, etc. Karada Ki workshops; “KARADA-KI” is a shibari style that balances your body and your energy and enhances communication and connection between two people. Energy exchange through interaction and specific intentional actions is enhanced to create highly sensual and intense sessions.
  • Very specific are the intentional actions and the way of applying the rope. If done properly, a sensual shibari session can produce a lot of emotion and energy.
  • KARADA-KI has a young, down-to-earth and dynamic flow in which touch, feeling and sensuality play a major role. Enrapture each other and experience the world of intense feelings and communication through rope, mind and actions.
  • KARADA-KI combines shibari (based among others on the sensual style of Yukimura, Osada-Ryû, Harukumo-Juku, Nawashi and Kinbaku ).
Testimonials from sessions


Franckstunn is the founder of Corneum and a respected international shibari and semenawa teacher.
He is both technical and inventive and an artist in rope, creations and photography.

For more than eight years, he has been very active in the world of shibari, semenawa and kinbaku.
He followed many international workshops from the following teachers and styles, among others ; Yukimura Ryu, Ropunawa, Naka, Seme nawa, Soptik, Ren Yagami, Nicolas Yoroi; with Ropunawa, Docvale, Ropeknight, Soptik, Ludvig, RopeMarks, Felix Ruckert, Yoi, Nicolas Yoroi, NawaRonin, Aku Aku, Asiana, Sin, Naka (aesthetic and sadistic), Yukimura (sensual, erotic connective), Ichinawa (minimalist), Karada ki (sensual tantric erotic connective), Yagami (aesthetic erotic), and other

Franckstunn is always very intensively engaged in shibari and is rigging with various national and international and models.

Franckstunn’s workshops are very constructive, motivating and focused on both rope bottom and rope top. His workshops are original and offer people a very solid trechnical foundation coupled with safety, play, emotion, connection and communication.

The best place for Shibari

Standard equipment

  • 1 bamboo – Up to 10 bamboos*
  • 1 hashira – Up to 10 hashira*
  • Floor heating and Air conditioning
  • Living room + Small kitchen
  • 2 toilets + Shower
  • Free parking in front

the Corneum venue

  • Enjoy our unique space that we can fully furnish and equip according to your wishes.

Learn and live the unique experience of Shibari in our academy. Come to our venue and enjoy shibari jams where you can tie with your partner.

Corneum has existed since 2019 but was previously for private workshops and jams. Since 2022, the space got a makeover and can have now up to 12 suspension points or 10 bamboos or 10 hashiras (following the setup and the needs). The specialisation in hashiras is unique in Europe. .



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