Shibari, Semenawa workshops and rope jams in Belgium – Brussels

Shibari lounge in Belgium Brussels

Learn and live the unique experience of Shibari in our academy.

  • Corneum brings shibari lovers, both beginners and advanced , together to guide and educate them in a friendly and safe environment.

  • There is enough space to rig quietly and undisturbed and the atmosphere is relaxed. Suitable for the absolute beginner, the advanced rigger or just to come and have a look.

  • There is floor heating and air conditioning, a kitchenette, toilets, shower and a living room where you can quietly drink and talk. Free parking in front of the door.

Come to our venue and enjoy shibari jams and workshops


Semenawa and Hashira Shibari workshops in Belgium

Learn and live the unique experience of Shibari in our academy. Come to our venue and enjoy our workshops.

  • Corneum seeks for YOU the best workshops and the best teachers available.

  • Attend a workshop of your level. Too high a level will stress you out rather than satisfy you.

  • You can also do a workshop a second time. You always learn new things.

  • Practice what you learned even after the workshop. That way, you will quickly master what you learned.

  • We have a wide variety of workshops.

    Workshops for beginners, semi beginners, intermediate and advanced.
    Workshops on the basics of shibari, floor play, semi suspensions workshop, full suspensions workshop.
    Workshops on sensual, erotic, sadistic, creative, dominant, connection, objectification shibari.
    Workshops on body action, body movement, minimalist shibari and much more.

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The Sense of rope and emotion

  • Bondage is a part of bdsm. Shibari, then, is more a speciality of Japanese bondage and has a sometimes separate community that is not always fully linked to bdsm. But most people who practice shibari are also Kink and do bdsm in all its different forms.
  • Shibari can be practiced anywhere. Indoors or outdoors.
  • There are different styles from sensual, erotic, visually creative to sadistic.
  • It is very important to know the basics of shibari well. Come to our workshops for this.
  • Come to our jam and tie in our studio.
  • Our shibari venue and lounge is very cozy

CORNEUM is the best place for Shibari in Belgium

Standard equipment

  • 1 bamboo – Up to 10 bamboos*

  • 1 hashira – Up to 10 hashira*

  • Floor heating and Air conditioning

  • Living room + Small kitchen

  • 2 toilets + Shower

  • Free parking in front

The interaction between two people, the unique connection, dynamics and energy exchange make a shibari session an exceptional experience.

Learn and live the unique experience of Shibari in our academy. Come to our venue and enjoy shibari jams where you can tie with your partner.

Corneum has existed since 2019 but was previously for private workshops and jams. Since 2022, the space got a makeover and can have now up to 12 suspension points or 10 bamboos or 10 hashiras (following the setup and the needs). The specialisation in hashira is unique in Europe.



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