2 Day workshop

  • Learn the essentials for the Hashira
  • The Hashira is a very interesting challenge for shibari lovers.
  • You will learn many possibilities with the Hashira

The workshop

  • You will learn all the essentials to then smoothly rig the hashira
  • Floor work
  • Suspension points
  • Semi suspension
  • Suspension
  • Play and flow



  • You must be able to make a good and safe TK
  • You must have experience with suspensions
  • You must have good communication and rope
  • You must have good rope handling


  • Good communication with the rigger
  • You have experience with suspensions
  • Please wear easy-fitting clothes.

What to bring

  • 10 to 14 jute ropes of about 8 m. If you do not have these you can purchase them on site. Please indicate this in advance.
  • A large towel or mat to rig on. (e.g. 2 x 1 m or better still something bigger).
  • Your energy

Teacher Franck

  • Franck has been very active in shibari for more than 7 years.
  • He has been teaching intensive shibari classes at different levels for more than 4 years.
  • He attended international workshops of the following styles; Yukimura Ryu, Ropunawa, Naka, Seme nawa, Ren Yagami, Nicolas Yoroi, Kinbaku, Semenawa and many more styles
  • He specialises in sensual, erotic as well as dominant and sadistic shibari styles.
  • Connection, communication, energy exchange are most important to him.


  • She has been active as a rope bottom for more than 2 years and this with several international riggers.
  • Her experience with different tops and styles is the perfect base for feedback and information to share with other rope bottoms.
  • She loves sadic ropes, semenawa, erotic and sensual play.
  • Because she is very emotionally expressive, she can easily share her emotions that are created during a session.

Date & Venue

  • 3/4 Februari 2024
  • Saturday from 13 to 19h
  • Sunday from 12 to 18h
  • Lennik (Just next to Brussels)
  • Free parking next to the Corneum Dojo
  • Floor heating & Airconditioning
  • Water, tea, coffee and fruit are free of charge


  • Tickets are non-refundable (unless cancelled due to too few participants). However, we can find someone else interested in your ticket.
  • Alcohol, drugs or narcotics are strictly prohibited.